Ladybug Visit


I always like to have visitors in my studio but didn’t expect this little lady today! She kept flying through my soldering area and I had to move her out of the way. Didn’t want to get her wings singed!


Day Off



Not a lot of jewellery making happening today but I was luck enough to travel to Prince Edward County with my hubby, Scott to catch a last bittersweet glimpse of the Autumn colours.

It was a blustery day, so there was plenty of wave action going on – my favorite kind of day!




Hello Again!

I am back in the blog writing business and hope to stay for awhile this time.

For the past few years I have been happily honing my skills and trying to be a much better metalsmith. Here, on this blog, I will be updating you with my new work and where to find it, upcoming shows and events and just a little peek into the ultra-glamorous life of a jewellery maker.

I am also an aspiring weekend painter and will be posting pics of some of my creations. Please be kind…I am just starting ;o)

Recently, I have created a new line of fingerprint jewellery. It has been very well received and I hope to promote it more. Included in the collection is a variety of wedding rings, pendants and bracelets. Each piece is custom and very personal.

Fingerprint group

I hope you join me on this artful journey and comment wherever you like. I want this blog to be as interactive as possible with lots of discussion, questions and hopefully a few answers as well!