In the mood

GroupThe holiday season is looming and the busiest time for a working metalsmith. These past few weeks have been filled with sawing, soldering, forging and guilding.

I was contemplating today, how lucky I am to be able to play out different moods with my work. Sometimes I like bright and modern, other times cool and minimalistic. This past week brought out the moody, mysterious work once again and how satisfying it was to revisit these elements that are rough and textured, yet refined with a delicious touch of decadent gold to bring out the light  from the shadows. How lucky am I?

All of this work and then some, is heading to Artina’s in Victoria and also Metalworks Metalworks Goldsmithing here in Kingston.




New Series Part 2

Here are some of the new pieces that emerged from the previous etching. I am very happy with the results. Every experiment does not work out as one hopes and I have a large scrap pile to prove it! I think I will continue with this line for a long time to come.

Branch EarringsLatch Bracelet

The etch on this bracelet and earrings is from a picture I took of some trees. I love how the image translates to the silver. Captured in time.