New Beginnings

I’m not sure if you are like me or not, but every year it seems to take longer to get my bearings back after the holidays.

I like the new year. It reminds me of long past Septembers when going back to school meant a fresh start. New clothes, sharpened pencils and empty notebooks waiting to be filled with lessons and the always present doodles and butterflies flying over the pages.

Instead now, there are sheets of fresh, cold sterling silver, gold and also some new raw diamonds to add to the mix. My bench is clear and I have a million ideas in my head swirling like those butterflies on my pages. Which ones will land and open their wings, I wonder?

Looking back on the past year, I am so grateful for so many that made this creative journey possible. My ever supportive husband, my wonderful, encouraging friends who inspire me with their creativity and compassion and all of the people who purchased my jewellery and followed me online with their abundant enthusiasm. Thank you.

So…for the coming year, I have been busy working on a new website that will house all my work, where to find it and a shopping cart to purchase. I will be blogging more and hopefully it will be easier for potential clients to find me and me them. The new site will be up within the next two weeks and will have the web address:, the same as before.

I look forward to all of our interactions this year!


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